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05 Mar 2019

Why brides are late for the ceremony? | Newly Wedding Productions

The 85% of the brides are late for the ceremony. But  it’s not always her fault. We would like to mention this month some of our experiences. On this week we are gonna talk about our case number 1. Two months ago, on Saturday morning, the groom was in his room with the groomsmen and  the bride was in the other room with the bridesmaids...

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12 Feb 2018

9 tips to help you find and choose a wedding venue | Newly Wedding Productions

  9 tips to help you find and choose a wedding venue Engaged or have an inkling you might be heading down that path soon? Huzzah! Congrats. You’re seriously about to experience one of the best days of your life. Weddings are awesome. At what other time do you get to gather all of your nearest and dearest, put on a massive party, and dance...

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