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Newly Wedding Productions is a wedding videography/wedding cinematography company based in South Florida. We are proud to offer our specialist wedding videography services for all type of weddings.

Our experienced, professional videographers work with a combination of lighting, colors, angles, sound and techniques, to cover all elements of your wedding. Every cherished moment will be captured, ensuring that you have a timeless DVD / Blue Ray of the most romantic day in your life.

Your wedding theme and colour choice will set the tone for your whole day. Find incredible inspiration for your wedding within our dedicated theme and colour scheme galleries.

Please take some time to enjoy our work. Although based in South Florida, we have traveled all corners of the country and occasionally Europe doing what we do best. From Miami to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale to The Florida Keys. Not to mention the odd trip to Greece, Switzerland or Italy. No wedding is the same, and we would love to hear about your photography and videography plans, whether it be a South Florida based celebration or destination wedding, we would be honored to assist you.

Wedding Videgraphy Services


All Day Wedding Videography

How many time have you heard the stories of other brides starting their wedding a few hours late? And then their videographers left because their packages were only for a few hours? Leaving the bride without the best parts of their wedding recorded.
That is not a problem you will have with Newly Wedding productions, all our packages include videography from the moment you start putting on your make up, until the last guest leaves, regardless of how late you may start, making sure that your memories represent your entire wedding day.

4K Resolution

Imagine watching your parent’s wedding video now, and seeing how horrible the quality of the video is. Now imagine watching your wedding video in 20 years, in beautiful 4k definition, with every single detail of yoru wedding. Newly Wedding Productions has the latest state-of-the-art technology to make sure that every wedding video is in full 4k definition.


Highlight Video

Our Highlight Wedding Video is as name implies, all the highlights of your wedding edited down to one song of your choosing with maybe a toast or a special moment of your wedding. The highlight video is usually less than 5 minutes and is very easy to share your wedding video with friends and family all over the world.

Full Length Video

Every detail and aspect of your wedding night will also be edited down to about an hour and half video burned to a DVD or a Blue Ray with its respected menus. We will deliver these to you to make sure you have these memories forever.

GoPro Experience 

How about a different aspect. Usually when you shove a big professional camera in somebody’s face they turn into another person. That’s where the alcohol come in. We place a GoPro camera on top of a bottle and make sure everyone takes a shot. Its Different, Its Fun, You’ll Love It.

Drone Footage

Everything is always better a few hundred feet in the air. Ou 4k drones will capture your wedding from the air. Making you wedding video look and feel like it was made in Hollywood.

Engagement Videoshoot

Record your Engagement Photoshoot, and not only get the photos of those special moments but ever look, every smile, and every movement. Everything is always better in video.

Second Videographer

If you want to make sure that every single detail of your wedding is recorded professionally, then you must have at least two videographers. It also lets us catch two different angels of the same moment. For example, when you are walking down the aisle and the grooms reaction when he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time.


Virtual Reality Video

Imagine being present there, on the day on your parent’s wedding day. Sitting in the front row as they share theirs first kiss. Unfortunately, this technology didn’t exit back then. But, now we have it , we bring a special camera and record your entire wedding, and after editing you put the 360 goggles on and relive your entire wedding from the front row.

Save The Date Video

Right before you start giving wedding invitations, you might want to send out a save the date video custom made based on the theme of your wedding. Your family and friends will love it and you can make sure that they will save your date.

Newly Wedding Videography Gallery

At Newly Wedding Productions, each wedding is treated with care and creativity. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique wedding photography in the South Florida area, and indeed further afield. This is Newly Wedding Productions at its best. Offering wedding coverage in Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Dade, West Palm Beach, The Florida keys and destinations worldwide, this wedding photography company is one of the top companies in the area and is located right here in the Fort Lauderdale area. Creative. Vintage. Beautiful. These are the words typically used to describe Newly Wedding Photography.

Our goal is to bring the highest production values and creative flair to every Wedding productions we are involved in. Comprised of a highly experienced team, we produce everything in-house and are experts in the editing suite – we agonize over timing, pacing and composition until your story is told exactly the way you want it. We specialize in capturing the atmosphere, emotion and excitement of your day – and put a twist on it that will make it unique from every other wedding production you have seen. Whether it’s a huge wedding extravaganza or a lower-key intimate affair, Newly Wedding Productions ensures you can relive the magic of each special moment.

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