12 Feb 2018

What are some tips for bridal makeup? | Newly Wedding Productions

What are some tips for bridal makeup?

Here are some bridal makeup tips that might come handy on your big day…

Everything waterproof/smudge proof

You don’t want your mascara or liquid liner to run down when you’re on stage meeting several guests, do you? This is why your bridal makeup kit ought to have everything waterproof and smudgeproof—from liners to mascaras.

Never forget primer

A primer not only hides your pores but also helps your makeup stay put throughout the wedding and even beyond. Once you slather on primer, your foundation and concealer will get a flawless finish.

Remember to apply highlighter

While a high coverage foundation, compact and concealer are must-haves in every bride’s vanity kit, you need to depend hugely on highlighting. This is because light reflects on the high points of your face and that’s where you really need that added glow for the pictures to look perfect.

Rely on a makeup fixing spray

Makeup fixing sprays are crucial to bridal makeup[1] because they keep you away from makeup meltdowns. Moreover, looking hydrated is of utmost importance to a bride and that’s exactly what a makeup fixing spray does once applied when the makeup is done.

Choose your falsies

Who doesn’t want fluttery lashes on their big day? While dollops of mascara will help you achieve those dreamy lashes, falsies will give you the added drama your eyes need. Make sure you practice wearing them in advance to avoid any kind of irritation on your wedding day.


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