Newly Wedding Productions | International Weddings



International Weddings otherwise known as Destination Weddings are our specialty. In the course of our company we have worked in numerous countries, such as Dominican Republic, Greece and Spain, along with other states such as Georgia, Washington DC, California and Utah. And of course we have done multiple weddings in the Bahamas.

Newly Wedding Productions has created a full proof system to make sure that your wedding day goes without any problems. First a meeting that can be in person or view Skype. Followed by every detail you want for your wedding and from that point on it is all about making sure that we plan your big day with every detail possible along with all the services you want for your wedding.

As far as the pricing goes, we do not charge you for any stay at the location of your wedding. We only ask you to take care of the airfare or navigation ways to get to your wedding. And of course we will handle the entire luggage and the equipment too make your wedding night a complete success.