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05 Mar 2019

Why brides are late for the ceremony? | Newly Wedding Productions

The 85% of the brides are late for the ceremony. But  it’s not always her fault. We would like to mention this month some of our experiences. On this week we are gonna talk about our case number 1. Two months ago, on Saturday morning, the groom was in his room with the groomsmen and  the bride was in the other room with the bridesmaids and family. All of them enjoying the hours before the Wedding. We were doing photography and videography all day. Around 1:00pm, we were talking with the bride and between the laughter and the nerves the bride said, I will be the only bride that will arrive on time.

The ceremony was scheduled at 5:00pm, the groom left the hotel at 4:00 pm and the bride at 4:30 pm. The ceremony was on the beach and the distance between the hotel and the beach is 10 minutes. Everything perfect according to the plan.

Everybody was ready for the ceremony, Groom, Bride, Guest, Family, Officiant, Bridesmaid, Groomsmen, Photographer, Videographer, DJ….The planner started to organize the wedding party, Bridesmaid at left, Groomsmen at right and suddenly the planner says, moms and dads please come to the lane, AND SURPRISE, the bride’s dad is not there. Please call him, said the planner, and the bride’s mom say I have his cellphone. To make the story as short as possible, her brother went to the hotel and he was waiting on the sofa because he didn’t have his phone with him or the ceremony address. What happened next is obvious, the ceremony started 45 minutes late. Things happen and this blog is to help our brides to achieve the ceremony on time. Next week, case number 2….. Thank you for follow us Newly’s Family.


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